Dolphin Videos

The staff and volunteers at the Dolphin Research Center in Marathon, Florida dedicate their days to the care and understanding of these amazing marine mamals. Author friend, Mary Stella, works there---and gave me my first dolphin swim as a birthday gift. I highly recommend you experience one!

At a fund raiser, Heather Graham won a Dream Date With Dolphins, and took me along for the adventure. Here are the videos from that amazing day. I say, go visit DRC as soon as you can! The contact info for DRC is below. Enjoy the videos!

Dolphin Research Center
58901 Overseas Highway
Grassy Key, FL 33050
(Check out their live webcam!)

In this video, young Tanner is blindfolded with eye cups and asked to imitiate his buddy. Trainers don't know if Tanner accomplishes this task by echo-location or telepathy. What do you think?

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