Flood Relief Donations - A great thank you to all who donated. Every penny helped!

When I heard my sister and my son were flooded from their homes, the stories from them and others grew more serious by the hour. While everyone strived to keep a cool head and maintain as much dignity as possible, these families as well as many friends and relatives counted on more fortunate survivors of the storm for housing, meals, clothing and personal needs. As many as 40 people gathered in one dry home for meals. Everyone banded together, and to date (late December 2012) they still have not been able to return to their homes.

Many families were devastated with 2 to 4 feet of flood waters in their homes from Super Storm San
dy. My sister said that when they lifted the floorboards in their den days after the flood, water was still trapped below floor level with a school of killies (small fish) swimming around looking for a way out. The first floors of all the homes caught in the flood line were destroyed. The appliances, furniture, cabinets, flooring and wall all needed to be gutted and replaced.

Every penny collected from this fund raiser (minus Paypal costs) went directly to the families in need. Half of these families have young children and babies and won't be in their homes for the Holidays.

- Sheetrock
- face masks/knee pads
- Flooring
- Kitchen Appliances
- Kitchen and bath cabinetry
- Furniture (couches, chairs, tables, beds)
- Washers/Dryers
- Insulation
- Water Heaters
- Boiler
- Doors
- Personal Items - Clothing, shaving, diapers, food, soap, shampoo, etc.
- Cars (flooded beyond repair)


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