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 “I became a poet at the age of sixteen.  I did not intend to do it.  It was not my fault.” Margaret Atwood, Canadian Poet

At some point in our lives, we felt a nudge, a thumb print on the forehead, a kick in the pants, a jolt to the heart. Something told us that we were born to be authors.

The Mega-Author's Visionary Club is my invitation to revisit your initial inspiration. It's an invitation to step out of time for a while. To ruminate, dream, and create. To spend time re-discovering you.

Create your vision board alone, or invite other writers to join you. (It's great fun with a group!)  When you're finished, you will have created a Vision Board specifically describing you---your world as an author. Vision Boards will help cement your goals. The mantra in the movie, Field of Dreams, promised: “If you build it, they will come.” I say, "Build your Vision Board. Success will come."

Building a Vision Board is simple. You'll need some supplies.

1. A board. I use Vellum Bristol art paper. (Great for framing.) Construction paper works, or a cork board if you're going to use pins/change pictures. I prefer permanent boards—and make new ones as I progress.
2. Scissors and glue sticks.
3. A pile of your favorite magazines and/or personal photos.
4. Book flats, if you're already published. (If you choose.)

You simply peruse magazines, cut out phrases and pictures that appeal to you and your image as an author. . . no, as a Mega-Author. Then, paste them on your board. Not only is the process relaxing and fun, you'll be surprised at how wonderful your created, visual image makes you feel about yourself. As an extra bonus, Vision Boards are great tools for creating characters and worlds for novels!

After you're finished, I invite you to take a photo of your vision board and email a copy to me. Add a description, if you wish. I will hang it with mine in the Mega-Author's Visionary Club Room on this website. Not only will entering your Board make you an honorary member, it will unite us in achieving our dreams as the Mega-Authors we were born to be.  Send a photo of your boards to: kathleen@kathleenpickering.com 

See you in the Club Room! 

Lots of love,

PS: Send me your email and I will rush a free Mega-Author Visionary Club Work Sheet to help create your in-depth goals and personal purpose!

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